A) Changing urban green commons in densifying cities – a social-ecological mapping

We are developing a typology for urban green commons and mapping them in the Järva landscape, NW Stockholm. In this we use the methodology Biotope mapping providing high-resolution maps of land use by a combination of a diversity of datasets and developed by Helle Skånes. This methodology is also implemented in other parts of the Stockholm region. At the same time, we are also mapping the policy landscape directing the planning, management, maintenance and use of urban green commons. We aim to also add a time perspective where we want to identify how and where urban green commons have changed over time in our landscape. Our goal is to understand the degree of social-ecological multifunctionality of the urban green commons in our study area.


Involved researchers:
Helle Skånes, Karin Ekstedt, Sara Borgström, Annika Dalhberg, Max Rautenberg