Just Urban Green

Exploring the dynamics of green spaces in urbanising landscapes

Just Urban Green is a platform for linking multiple knowledge spheres concerned with the role of green spaces in urbanising landscapes. These knowledge spheres are shaped and developed by a number of experts such as researchers, policy makers, consultants, practitioners, and residents.

Presently the platform is formed around three trans-disciplinary research projects – GREEN ACCESS, CONATURE and ENABLE. Their common goals are to increase our understanding of how green spaces can be a well-integrated part of a modern city that seeks to combine urbanisation and sustainable development and to make that understanding usable to a wide range of actors. All three projects are located in the Stockholm region, Sweden.

GREEN ACCESS (Funded by Formas 2016-2024) aims to investigate how urban green commons are transformed by formal and informal processes of territorialisation, and the opportunities and challenges this poses for human access and use in relation to issues of equity and multi-functionality.
(Annika Dahlberg and Sara Borgström)

MISTRA SPORT & OUTDOORS – Theme Sustainable Land and Water use in Peri-urban Landscapes.
Within this part of the research program Mistra Sport & Outdoors we, together with a learning team of different actors in the Stockholm region, investigate how planning and management of peri-urban green areas can be arranged to ensure a multi-functional and sustainable use where both ecological and social functions are sustained over time. (Sara Borgström och Erik Andersson) (Finanseriat av Mistra 2020-2024)


12 September 2019 the conference “Forum för ett grönskande Stockholm” was arranged by JustUrbanGreen and gathered about 60 actors for full-day research presentations and discussions. Swedish summary.

CONATURE (Funded by Formas 2016-2021) seeks to understand how green spaces are related to their surrounding landscape and develop tools for how linkages and flows can be proactively addressed in urban landscape planning, design and management. (Sara Borgström and Erik Andersson)

ENABLE (Funded by Era-net, Biodiversa 2017-2020) targets the green-blue infrastructure of urban landscapes and the relationships between the social-ecological dynamics and the potential to provide multiple functions such as climate change adaptation, biodiversity conservation, and recreation. (Erik Andersson, Sara Borgström et al.).