Enable – Resilience of urban green-blue infrastructure

Resilience of the green-blue infrastructures in the urbanising Flaten landscape (Southern Stockholm)

One of the case study sites in the Enable project is the landscape of the Flaten nature reserve south of Stockholm. Here we specifically focus on the flows of benefits from urban nature protected areas to a larger landscape and how these flows can be supported over time. During 2017-2019 we explored the resilience of the green-blue infrastructure (GBI) in the Flaten landscape, by the development and use of a participatory resilience analysis process.

The work has been summarised in a folder:

Participatory resilience assessment (in English, pdf file)

Deltagarbaserad resiliensanalys (på svenska, pdf fil)

Other parts of the Enable project is presented on an external website.

The project team in Stockholm consists of: 
Sara Borgström, (SEED/KTH), case study leader
Erik Andersson (SRC, Stockholm University), project leader