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Otto, J. Borgström, S., Haase, D. and E. Andersson. 2024. Green spaces for recreation in densifying urban landscapes through the eyes of the residents – mental mapping in southern Stockholm, Sweden. Urban Forestry and Urban Greening 94: 128266


Dahlberg A, Borgström S, Rautenberg M., Sluimer, N. (2022) A nearby park or forest can become Mount Everest. Access to urban green areas by people in wheelchairs from an environmental justice perspective: A Stockholm case. In: Plüschke-Altof B, Sooväli-Sepping H (eds) Whose green city? Contested urban green spaces and environmental justice in Northern Europe. Springer Nature Switzerland AG, Cham. p. 19-40.
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Bergame, N., Borgström, S. and R. Milestad. 2022. Preparing the grounds for emancipation. Explaining commoning as an emancipatory mechanism through dialectical social theory. Environment and planning E. 

Haase A., K. Koprowska, and S. Borgström. 2022. Green regeneration for more justice? An analysis of the purpose, implementation and impacts of greening policies from a justice perspective in Łódź (Poland) and Leipzig (Germany). Environmental Science and Policy 136:726-737 

Wolff M., A. Mascarenhas, A. Haase, D. Haase, E. Andersson, S. Borgström, J. Kronenberg, E. Łaszkiewicz, M. Biernacka. 2022. Conceptualizing multidimensional barriers – A framework for assessing constraints in realizing recreational benefits of urban green spaces. Ecology and Society 26(4):16. 

Wrangsten, C., S. Ferlander and Borgström, S. 2022. Feminist Urban Living Labs and Social Sustainability: Lessons from Sweden. Urban Transformations 4:5.


Kronenberg, J., E. Andersson, D. N. Barton, S. T. Borgström, J. Langemeyer, T. Björklund, D. Haase, C. Kennedy, K. Koprowska, E. Łaszkiewicz, T. McPhearson, E. E. Stange, and M. Wolff. 2021. The thorny path toward greening: unintended consequences, tradeoffs, and constraints in green and blue infrastructure planning, implementation, and management. Ecology and Society 26(2):36.

Sardeshpande, M., P. Hurley, E. Mollee, H. Garekae, A. Dahlberg, M. Emery and C. Schackleton. 2021. How people foraging in urban greenspace can mobilize sociel-ecological resilience during Covid-19 and beyond. Frontiers in Sustainable Cities, 3:686254. 


Shackleton, C., Hurley, P., Dahlberg, A., Emery, M. and H. Nagendra. 2017. Urban foraging: A ubiquitous human practice overlooked by urban planners, policy and research. Sustainability, 9(10):1884

Dahlberg, A. and S. Borgström. 2017. Urbana gröna allmänningar för alla – eller inte? Tillgänglighet och mångfunktionalitet i en föränderlig stad in Urban utveckling och interaktion, SSAG, Svenska sällskapet för Antropologi och Geografi Ed., Stockholm : Svenska sällskapet för Antropologi och Geografi,  pp. 165-188.

Student reports related to Green Access project

Ina Carlsson. 2022. How Stockholm’s urban greenspaces can meet different needs and preferences. Stories from immigrant youths. Master thesis in Geography, 30 hp. Department of Physical Geography, Stockholm University. 

Karolina Rietz. 2021. What is urban green space accessibility? Understanding actors’ perspectives through the case of Järvafältet, Stockholm. Degree project in Strategies for sustainable development, 30 hp, ABE school, KTH.

Rachel Hopkins. 2021. Public urban green space: Exploring priorities and challenges for managing and valuing green space, using Stockholm as a case study. Degree project in Strategies for sustainable development, 30 hp, ABE school, KTH.

Alfred Nordström and Anton Claesson. 2020. Motiveringar av växtval i Stockholm stads parker Examensarbete i teknik, 15 hp, Institutionen för Hållbar utveckling, miljövetenskap och teknik, KTH.

Emelie Kittlesen. 2020. Who Decides? Exploring various actors’ interests in Husby´s urban green spaces and the role of related power relations. Master thesis in Environmental science and physical planning, 30 hp, Department of Physical Geography, Stockholm University. 
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Alexander Ceci Forsberg. 2020. Kompensation i naturreservat – en fallstudie om exploatering och kompensation i Sätraskogens Naturreservat i projektet Förbifart Stockholm. Examensarbete i geografi, 15 hp. Stockholms universitet. 

Rieser, Anja. 2020. Exploring the phenomena foraging in urban green spaces: examples from Järva City District and Stockholm County. Master thesis in Sustainability Science, 60 hp. Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University. 

Eriksson, Hanna. 2020. Urban Green Spaces for All People – Supplying Green Spaces in Stockholm Municipality from a Social Sustainability Perspective. Degree project in Strategies for sustainable development, 30 hp, ABE school, KTH.

Andrén, Frida. 2019. Making accessibility: A study of access to urban green spaces through use and municipal planning policy in Tensta, Stockholm. Master thesis in Geography, 45 hp. Department of Physical Geography, Stockholm University. 
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Hanses, Lena. 2019. I never tried the swinds before. Perspectives on urban green space from children with profund intellectual and multiple disabilities. Master thesis in Geography, 30 hp. Department of Physical Geography, Stockholm University. 
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Thalberg. 2019. Nature and the city: Into the (un)familiar wild An exploratory study of how young women relate to everyday urban natures in Stockholm through going along. Master thesis in Geography, 30 hp. Department of Human Geography, Stockholm University. 

Löfstrand, Linda. 2019. Fältstudier i geografiundervisningen på högstadiet. Förväntningar och verklighet i relation till en likvärdig skola. Examensarbete i Geografi, 15 hp. Stockholms Universitet. 

Isaksson, Pia. 2018. Management, valuation and evaluation of urban green space and trees in relation to resilience. The importance of ecosystem services in the built environment and how they are maintained and cared for. Degree project in Strategies for sustainable development, 30 hp, ABE school, KTH.

Sluimer, Nienke. 2018. Taking a walk on wheels in urban green. Discovering a portfolio of natural places for wheelchair users, employing an environmental justice approach. Degree project in Urban and Regional Planning, 30 hp, Stockholms universitet.

Predic, Tilia. 2018. Kompensation vid exploatering av urbana grönområden. En fallstudie i Hansta naturreservat. Examensarbete i naturgeografi, 15 hp, Stockholms Universitet.

Landberg, Stefan. 2018. Skolors användning av grönområden. En studie om hur skolor använder utomhuspedagogik i grönområden. Examensarbete i geografi, 15 hp, Stockholms universitet.

Johansson, Max. 2017. Tillgänglig natur – är det ens möjligt? Naturupplevelser och miljörättvisa ur ett rullstolsperspektiv. Examensarbete i kulturgeografi, 30 hp, Masteruppsats, Stockholms Universitet.

Klasson, Diana. 2017. Planering och förvaltning av mångfunktionella grönytor i städer. En studie av Gubbängsfältet i Stockholm. Examensarbete i geografi, 15 hp, Stockholms Universitet.